The Art of Ecstatic Body Work

For Men, Women & Couples

A massage that awakens and entices all of the bodies senses. A unique full body to body experience with warm oils, gentle gliding, and exhilerating bewilderment awaits. Every session is individually crafted to flow from an organic begninning so that no two are ever alike. Embark on an extravagent journey inward with a conscious Goddess as your loving guide. 

60 Min ... $250

90 Min ... $360

2 Hour ...$470

3 Hour ... $700


90 Min ... $500

2 Hour ... $650

2.5 Hour ... $800

Four Hands

60 Min ... $440

90 Min ... $660

2 Hour ... $880

Tantric Awakenings

Sacred Spot / G Spot Activation         $50

add on  -  to be combined with another offering

The area of the female g-spot, and the prostate gland are known Tantricly to be the energetic access points for the Kundalini energy which leads to enlightenment. A gentle touch is used for contacting these subtle places with increased receptivity. Expert stimulation, and conscious focus are used to heal trauma or clear any old or negative imprinting. 

Every person's experience with this session is different. Some people experience full body orgasm, others have a deep emotional release (tears, laughter, screams) followed by immense pleasure. Most people have powerful dreams for some nights after; the important thing is that you will be given a safe environment to feel and express whatever needs to come up, and a devoted healer to guide and support you. It's a loving, spiritual experience that will be transformative and unforgettable.

Tantra Journey 

Feeling the flow of high vibration sexual energy during the session is the natural state of things, it's very healing to both body and mind that have been programmed in such a way that sex, sexuality and sexual energy are something bad, dirty and forbidden. Tantra treats the body as holiness and sexual energy is deeply respected because it is one of the means of entry into the state enlightenment. You will feel blissful, but because it is an energetic massage, not an erotic massage, it can lead to healing, deliverance and emotions and old traumas unblocking. It is a natural phenomenon, the person receiving the massage may throwaway through himself or herself emotions such as sadness, anger, hatred, and even laughter. Then both the person giving and receiving massage help to dissolve these energies, so that they could no more dominate over the life of the person receiving the massage. If we have a lot of traumas, it can be compared to having multiple CDs or DVDs, in which we have saved our past. Every time in our lives the same old story plays out again and again, we meet the same kind of partner, fall into the same trap. But why it happens? Because this energy is simply a vibration that radiates and attracts by resonance similar to the vibration events. Time to change your vibration and give to it our life. 

Lingam / Yoni                      60 - $300 | 90 - $450

Divine touch    

This is a specifically focused massage.  It is relaxing, stimulating, erotic, healing, exhilarating, liberating and will leave the receiver with a great sense of emotional, mental, spiritual and physical well-being whilst experiencing a sensual arousal and high levels of sexual pleasure.

It is essential that the giver and receiver are both fully relaxed and that their intentions are set for the same purpose, so that the massage is not confused with being to purely receive sexual gratification. The energy between both people should be flowing freely so that the energies can intertwine, synchronise and harmonise rhythmically.

The massage focuses on removing blockages that are caused by a build up of toxins and when these are removed sexual, physical, emotional and spiritual health is vastly improved, as the energy (prana/life-force) is able to flow around and through the body.

60 Min ... $280

90 Min ... $400

2 Hour ...$520


90 Min ... $580

2 Hour ... $730

2.5 Hour ... $880


Many of the Goddesses are available to come to your home or 4+ star hotel. Please call for more details as additional fees vary depending on distance.


+$100 and up