Frequently asked questions

Do you accept reference requests from other providers on my behalf?

As of March 25th, 2016 we no longer accept or extend provider references. Only a work or government-issue ID with your name, and photo will be accepted.

I'm not comfortable submitting my photo ID. What other way can I be screened?

We understand that you may be uncomfortable submitting an ID, but we are uncomfortable inviting guests into our live / work spaces without knowing who they are. It helps us to feel safe and have trust from the initial meeting. All personal information on your ID can be blocked, we only need to see your face and your legal name. The information is not saved or stored anywhere. Once approved, we will know who you are by your Member name & number. There is unfortunately no other way that we screen at this time. Garden of the Goddess upholds a strict screening process for our safety as well as yours. We also have a solid reputation going back to 2006. You're invited to explore sites with reviews dating back to 10+ years ago.

Can you explain what the Goddess Bar is, I haven't heard of this before?

The "Goddess Bar" is a casual meeting at a public place or an incall location. This gives you an oppertunity to meet someone new before committing to a session. It's a great way to see if you have a connection with someone. You may also book a Goddess Bar session at the beginning of your appointment if you know that you like to chat and get to know someone a bit first. You're not obligated to follow the Goddess Bar meeting with another appointment.

I registered to book online but the system is not allowing me to login.

Anyone can register their email address to book online, create a login and password of their choosing.. But only our established clients in good standing that ask us to activate their account will be able to login. If you wish to do future logins you need at least 2 completed appts to do so. If you're an established client and do have an active account with us and still can't login please contact us as we can quickly resolve the issue.

I booked an appointment with the online booking system and I received a message that I will be notified if the appointment is denied or accepted. What does that really mean?

When you book an appointment with the online booking system, it holds that time and date for you in pending status, we than change the appt from pending to scheduled when we are 100% sure the appt will work for the provider as well. You will receive a confirmation notification that we scheduled the appt via email with maybe some special instructions as well. Keep in mind, you will still need to confirm the appt the morning of. If your notification preferences are set NOT to receive emails you will never get your appt confirmation from us and that may leave you wondering what the status is of your appt.

I am a new client, Would I be able to do the entire booking process and arrival procedure via email only?

No, at some point you will have to call us. Even if you're established here, arriving to the location and then emailing us does not guarantee a timely response. We need the most time sensitive method of contact for you to insure your privacy entering the studio and make sure your appt is as scheduled. If you're an established client here, and If for extenuating circumstances you can't use your phone as usual, please notify us so we can arrange your arrival accordingly. We do not accept calls from blocked numbers.

When I submit my info for screening is it saved somewhere?

The information we save is your member name & number, your cell phone, and your email. All photos and other information is deleted after completing your first appointment.

I had a session or two with the garden a few years ago but I can't remember the last four digits of my phone number I had at the time nor an email address I may have had on file.

You may have to start the screening process over, please call us and explain your situation.

I can't confirm my pre-booked appt by 10:00 am, what happens if I confirm late?

If you're late confirming, your appt may be subject to cancellation. This may incur a cancellation fee depending on the practitioner you booked with. If you know ahead of time you can't confirm the appt until a later time the morning of, just let us know.

I'm a regular of a practitioner who is now part of your organization. Does that mean I am pre-screened and what is the best method of booking?

We do grandfather in our current practitioners regulars if she agrees to it. You will still have to go through the garden phone line or email to book your appts. She can issue you a password if you're free to book..For your first appt you can only see the said provider. Sessions booked without going through the required channels are forbidden.

May I use a credit card to settle the donation?

Only Amber accepts credit cards at this time and only for her established regular clients. Please let us know if you would prefer this method before your appt.

How do I book my first appointment?

First you have to be verified. to become verified click on Reservations > Get Verified. Once the form is submitted it's usually very quick process to get you in for your first appointment. If you don't receive an email within the day from us, please feel free to reach out. The forms can sometimes get missed in our inbox.

How do I get access to the VIP / Members only pages?

If you've completed a session here in the last 90 days you will be given the password to the VIP albums. The same password can get you into all of the albums. You can get the password from whoever your having your session with, or by calling / texting / emailing. The password changes periodically.

Is it cash only?

Amaya accepts venmo & paypal. As of right now, all the others are cash only.

What's an affiliate goddess?

All of the goddesses work independently. Affiliate goddesses work from their own private locations instead of a shared space.